Conditions of use

What should i do if the order or the payment doesn't go through?

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A good way for you to retrieve your package discretely at a time suitable for you.

Receiving the parcel

  • As soon as the parcel arrives at the destination terminal, we send the receiver an SMS with all the necessary information for pick-up.
  • Our map of parcel terminals (see above) will help you locate the terminal where your parcel was delivered.
  • To receive the parcel, all you need to do is enter the code sent to you via SMS into the screen on the parcel terminal – after that, the locker door will open and the parcel is yours!



Parcel terminals are open every day – day and night.

You can retrieve your parcel by entering a personal door code, which will be sent to you either by text or e-mail. After entering the correct code, the locker will open and you will be free to collect your parcel.

If you do not pick up the parcel within seven days, it will be returned to the sender.
  1. After receiving a notifying text or e-mail, go to your nearest parcel terminal.
  2. Choose a language by using the touchscreen, and then press ‘Receive parcel’.
  3. Enter the door code sent to you by text or e-mail.
  4. If the sender had requested identification, identify yourself using your ID card.
  5. If it is a ‘cash on delivery’ parcel, pay the required fee by using your bank card.
  6. Take the parcel from the locker.
  7. Please note! Close the door and confirm that you have received the parcel by pressing ‘Confirm’ on the touchscreen.
  8. If you have paid for the delivery, you can also print a receipt if you wish.

From a post office

  1. Once the parcel has been delivered to your local post office, you will receive a letter, text or e-mail to let you know.
  2. The message will include the location of parcel, the opening hours and the contact information for your post office, as well as how long your parcel will be stored for.
  3. Make sure you take your ID with you when you go to collect the parcel.
  4. ‘Cash on delivery’ parcels need to be paid for. Such parcels are usually sent by mail-order catalogues.
  5. Another person can collect your parcel on the grounds on power of attorney. Some parcels will be issued only to you; this will be marked on the package.

Power of attorney can be written freely on paper or using our custom form. You must include:
  • the date when the power of attorney was issued;
  • your first name and surname, home address or location, and personal identification code (legal bodies must include their name, registry code and the first and last name of the person issuing the power of attorney, their date of birth and place of residence);
  • the contents of the power of attorney – actions that the mandatary can perform;
  • how long the power of attorney is valid for; and
  • your signature.

The power of attorney must carry the signature of a legal representative (e.g. member of the board, authorised signatory).