Jewellery Silver Style Small


Jewellery Silver Style Small


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Small anal plug with a crystal - If you want a comfortable, and most importantly, pleasant anal sensation - then here it is, in one toy.

Dolce Piccante anal plug of anatomical shape. It is small, so it is perfect for beginners, but even experienced lovers of anal petting will appreciate it.

The silver plug looks like a real work of art: a shiny surface and a bright crystal at the base make the toy a stunning decoration for the body.

You can choose the color of the crystal, so there is the opportunity to choose a plug that is ideal specifically for you.

Comfortable and safe.Due to its anatomical shape, and specifically to the narrow long tip

the toy easily penetrates inside, and the wide base prevents it from getting lost and helps to easily remove the plug at the end.

With this plug, you can make any movements and take any poses - it is smooth, has no pointed corners, and it feels natural in any position!

Try it for a warming foreplay or even leave it inside during vaginal intercourse - it will stimulate the erogenous zones gently and pleasantly, while not interfering with partners. Hypoallergenic, hygienic material - metal.

It does not attract odors, it is easy to wash and even disinfect.

Any lubricant can be used with the plug.

29,90 €

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