Foreplay - Das erotische Warm-up DVD


Foreplay - Das erotische Warm-up DVD


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Are you ready for some crunchy foreplay suggestions? Would you like to inspire your desire with sophisticated eroticism? Then this DVD is just right for you! Here you can see different couples, how the stimulating, loving entry into the sex game can look like. Of course, these couples do not reinvent the foreplay every time, but they vary and may be surprised by the partner. Whether beginner or advanced, fast starter or late starter: This is a practical guide to erotic warm-up and Antörnen quasi our special Fifty Shades of Foreplay! "Who does not dream of being excited by his partner with extensive, intense caresses step by step? Sexuality does not start with the birds ", it is infinitely more than that! Our erotic fantasies hold an endless universe of emotions and are not limited by inhibitions or taboos. Share these sexy secrets calmly with your partner and embark on a pleasurable journey through the stars. In this movie we tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the erotic warm-up and perhaps did not dare to ask

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